Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sorry I'm AWOL!

Sorry lovelies, I know I haven't posted for about three weeks now, just saying hi and that I'll be back soon. Take care xxx

Monday, 1 March 2010

Fabric Love

Hi all!

Isn't today gorgeous? Well it is here! I've had the heating off, the windows open and a Yankee Clean Cotton candle blasting away the cobwebs and it's been beautiful. Somehow housework doesn't seem like such a chore when you're getting some sun and fresh air. Even the school run was a pleasure, it was so quiet and I could hear bird tweeting. Well it was all good until my eldest trod in dog poo anyway!!!!

I know I said I wouldn't but I may have had a little tiny spending spree on fabrics this past week! Although most of the cash was from the bunting money that was sitting in Paypal just begging to be spent... and anyway as I pointed out to the other half I'm saving us a fortune in bought birthday pressies by making them so it's practically an economy measure ;) All but the Kidstons and the stripe were 99p-£1.60 per FQ which I thought was really good.

Without realising I think I went a bit mad on strawberry themed fabric, though I do think they are lovely! Three types may going a bit far but for bunting it will be really handy.

I don't really like buying anything just because it's practical rather than because I love it but these will be great for mixing it with other designs. I always find that smaller scale patterns are more practical, I don't know about you.

This is CK Clover, which is the same type of fabric used in the door curtains between the living room and dining room, it doesn't come up very often so when I saw it in this alternative colourway I snapped it up. Very reasonable as well for quite a rare one. I think this will become a cushion for the living room, can't bear to give it away!

 I'm into red at the moment so these designs instantly drew my eye and I think they combine well too, I see a collaboration in the making!

Then is one I bought a few weeks ago, apparently it's called Scattered Flowers and is another CK design. Not sure what I'll use it for yet (as with most fabrics I buy it's only a pretty small piece because I can't afford more!) but I thought it was so pretty and it combines my three favourite colours - blue, pink and red.

Ooh and would you like a mother in law update? Well we had a bit of a "heated discussion" two nights ago about parenting. I'm quite proud of myself for standing my ground as a few years back I would probably have held back but I did say what I felt and pointed out that she was being a total hypocrite! .... she is now back to almost best behaviour, I guess the thought of not being fed or being allowed to use the shower is not worth the satisfaction of having a go at your daughter in law ;)

I don't think I showed you this mini bunting that I made to go with the picture from a couple of posts ago. It's not terribly exciting but I think it's quite cute, sorry I photographed it on the most crumpled linen in the world ever!

So we have another completed birthday present ready to go to another little person at their party this coming weekend. They never give you enough gift tags with wrapping paper do they? Here you can see a perfect demonstration of my dodgy DIY handiwork of non matching pink tag with a cut out cupcake badly stuck on with sellotape... kids don't notice that stuff do they?!

I had better go and make some dinner now, the oven has packed up (I think it self destructed to avoid you-know-who) so I'm doing a stir fry. Have a great evening, Mel xxx