Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I am a terrible blogger!!!!

Sorry ladies, just realised it has been nine months since I last blogged... I am rubbish and I freely admit it. Life has been rather.... up and down... this year. In January my partner and I closed our landscaping business because with the economy being the way it is we just couldn't survive any more. He found a new job in March and it's taken me this long to find something, which has been a HUGE test of my self esteem and strength. I've worked in one form or another since I was fourteen so that many months of getting nowhere was pretty soul destroying and has been very testing for me, my relationship and life in general. However, the last few months I decided to get proactive and decided to go for a free online course (through vision2learn.com) in Business & Administration. I just got my certificate today in fact. I loved doing that course and it gave me a lot of confidence and helped me to fill my days with something other than Jeremy Kyle and filling in job application forms!! I'm going to do another one on Working In The Health Sector next and I can't wait. I would highly recommend it if you want to use your brain and maybe help your career, and it costs nothing as long as you finish the course :)

My new job is within the NHS and I feel both lucky and proud to have it, I am such a big admirer of the NHS and they were fabulous when both my girls broke various limbs and had to have operations this Summer holidays!!!! 

The harder times have meant that I've barely done any sewing this year at all. I have started making a house shaped cushion that you can see a glimpse of above, and now that the urge is back I hope it stays. I am in the process of booking myself a stall at the village Christmas fayre, which will force me to do some making! 

My girls are growing up toooo fast. My eldest is eight now and would love to be a full on goth, I realise now that giving her a lipstick that I consider too dark for me "for play" was a big mistake as she teams that with silver eyeshadow and goes round in whatever black clothes she has persuaded me to buy mostly being cynical and disturbingly teenager-ish! I know it's not a full transformation though as she still goes gooey at pictures of bunnies and loves her cartoons. My youngest is six and is basically a fairy sent to earth, she has the most incredible imagination and the sweetest nature. I adore them both! 

I haven't done much to the house this year because money has been so tight but we did decorate the hall and living room in January if you'd like to see a couple of pictures...

Well I won't expect too many replies as I've been gone for so long, but I would love to hear from anyone who happens upon this how you're doing. Lots of love xx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

A couple of makes :)

Hey folks, just a quick hello from me, I wanted to show you a couple of things I've made this week. I fancied making a brooch so I made this cute little girly one with blue hair. I think she's called Miranda and she's been on my cardigan today! I have a feeling my girls will want one once they see her, I'm thinking of making them one each if I get a chance but I have LOTS of wrapping to do!

Secondly I had a spare pair of Rosali curtains from my old house (it had two windows in the living room and this house only has one). We needed a door curtain so I turned the top over so it was no longer eyelet headed and added a pencil pleat heading and a calico lining. It's really helping to keep the house warmer and although it took quite a long time I'm really pleased with it as it's lovely and heavy and you really can't tell it ever had any other top than pencil pleat. It also will hide some ugly pipes when it's pulled back away from the door :) I might make the other into a curtain for the back door (if my other half can take that much flowery-ness!).

Take care all and have a very merry Christmas, lots of love xxx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

More new beginnings :)

Hey all, I've been gone but not forgotten you!! I've had a mad busy year and it's been all change (again). I now live near Buckingham so it's been mad getting everything sorted out. I'm also about two thirds of the way to getting my driving licence... I hope!

I've had my own folksy/facebook business for a while now which if you're interested you can find at folksy or facebook :) I've been making fabric goodies and enjoying myself immensely with it.

The house I live in now is pretty modern but I am gradually prettying it up, it was a bit bachelor-ish before lol. We have Rosali curtains in the living room and my girly things are spreading rapidly, as they tend to do!

 The girls' room is only small so we have had to cram a lot into it!! But I think it looks pretty.

I will leave you there, sorry it's been so long. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, lots of love xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A lovely competition and house news...

Hi all!

Just popped back to share this gorgeous competition being held by Cottontails. You have a chance to win a choice of two scrummy aprons from English Eclectics and a co-ordinating toy from Moulin Roty, the prize is worth £39! Just click on >>THIS<< to enter, all you have to do is Name That Biscuit!!!

I have loads of photos to show you of things for my new house..... except I have a new phone (which won't connect to this PC) and I'm getting my new laptop tomorrow. So I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer. I will show you the agent's picture of the kitchen though, as you can see it's been done in quite a country style even though it's right in town. I so cannot wait to get all my pretty girly things in there :)

I'm moving in on Saturday!!!!! Three sleeps to go, cannot wait!

Have a great day, love Mel xxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Quick hi, shopping and update!

Hey folks,

Thanks for all the good wishes on the last post. Unfortunately the apartment fell through (gutted is not the word!) because the landlord suddenly decided he didn't want children. But I've now got a holding deposit on a lovely little private city centre property. It's not very old, it's not very big but it's so sweet and perfect for me and my little ladies. The kitchen is proper country style, so it fits perfectly with my blog name heeheehee. Just wait until you see all the gorgeous girly lusciousness I am purchasing for it!!! I will be back with photos soon.

Just been shopping today.... meant to buy practical things... um.... well you can see what I came back with! I am very chuffed with the melamine bowls, so pretty and reduced to £1 each from £2.50 (from BHS, which is also where the flower in jar arrangement and the heart frame were from). The bag is £22 from M&S and the jewellery was from there too. The cream is to try and banish my frown lines!!!! Cheaper than Botox hahahaha.

I had best go, my little one started school last week and I have to pick her up after lunch. She is so cute and tiny in her uniform, I'm so proud. And of her big sister as well of course!

Have a great week, love Mel xxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

New beginnings...

Hey folks,

Yet again I've disappeared but I am back with exciting news! It's been an eventful and very difficult year to say the least, I have been on a bit of a rollercoaster the last six months but hopefully (please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!) it's calming down now.

Anyway the news is that I have just found a place to rent, and I think and hope that you will all enjoy the journey of making this new place a home for me and my girls. Once I know it's all going ahead properly I will of course give you probably far too many photos and show you how I'm progressing. It's all new for me because I've never rented before so it will be strange not being allowed to do whatever I want with the place but I know it will feel like home soon enough.

The place I've found is a huge, old flat that's absolutely full of character and pretty open plan, so a massive change for me from anywhere I've lived before. There's even a big landing that will be perfect for a crafting area, so I may actually even finish my youngest daughter's quilt ;)

I will keep you posted on how it's going, I'm staying at my Mum's at the moment so I can go as soon as all the paperwork and things are ready. I can't wait, and hopefully you will have fun reading about my fresh challenge too. Take care and thank you for hanging about waiting for me, love Mel xxx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A make and a nice chore for once

Hey all!

I've realised it's been a month again since I was last here, but that's improving on my last appearance! Thank you for my welcome back last time though! Just popping on quick to show you my latest make, which was inspired by the saying "Friends are like stars, you don't need to see them to know they are there". Except with less stitching.... it's only a mini cushion! It's for someone I miss a lot and I hope they will like it :)

Yesterday I had a proper girly day and washed all the china off the dresser and gave the whole thing a good clean. It was actually quite a satisfying job and I was inspired to do the rest of the dining room as well afterwards. I love how all this rosey china looks together.

The dresser is now devoid of random paperwork/ hairbands/ badges/ small toys etc etc. Let's hope it stays that way for a while!!! Apologies for the drunken angle.

The cast on my ankle came off a couple of weeks ago and I'm getting used to walking about on two legs again. It still hurts, it swells up when I walk about too much and the scars aren't nice but I really appreciate not having to use crutches any more! I've got to have two screws taken out of it at the end of the month sometime and a follow up appointment in June and then that's it hopefully.

Right I'd better go and spend some time with my brother, who is watching Doctors in my living room on his own at the moment. Take care all xxx