Thursday, 28 January 2010

Cushion covers for a friend

Hello! Looks like I am back into the blogging habit now so you'll have to put up with more of me about! Thought I would show you some sewing as it's been a while.

Do you remember this post from yonks ago? Ohhh I am so ashamed to see the date on it, I don't think I've ever taken this long to do anything. I was making cushion covers for friend. Well she must be the most tolerant and lovely person ever as I only just finished them last night at 1am (that was the mission that might kill me for anyone on facebook!). But they are now hopefully making their way to Devon with a friendly postman and I've sent a couple of extra treats to make up for being so useless!

These pictures aren't great as they were taken in artificial light but I knew if I didn't get them parcelled up last night ready to post today it would end up dragging on longer. Phew! I made three and they are all about 14" square, using different CK and vintage materials alongside plain white linen and a bit of embroidery and buttons for good measure.

So the moral of the story is probably... if you want anything done don't ask me ;)

Have a lovely evening xxx

PS I am using the "new" post editor for the first time so if the pictures are tiny or the link is wrong hopefully I will get the hang of it eventually!

Monday, 25 January 2010

All sorts of catching up and lots of pics :)

Howdy folks! Please note I am actually doing two posts in the same month, quite rare these days ;)

This is going to be a bit of a mishmash to catch up on a few things. Firstly I wanted to show you the lovely goodies I won from Sam in her December giveaway, I was so pleased with all the beautiful gifts :) Thank you very very much Sam and I'm so sorry it has taken me such a long time to post about them.

Secondly there was a fair bit of interest in the red and white spotty items! So here they are. The first things I got were the tea, coffee and sugar tins and the Home Sweet Home sign in Christmas '08 but the obsession only really took hold the last couple of months! It has spread from the kitchen....

to the dining room.....

and on into the living room.....

Where will they crop up next?! These spots are definitely catching!

And at long last I can show you my youngest's finished bedroom, unfortunately I can't show you all of the lovely CK bunting as it has her name on it but here's a peek at the rest :)

NB in picture below the curtain rail looks wonky but it's actually the window! Dontcha just love old houses ;)

The hare painting below is by Erica Hemming, who is a lovely lady who used to live next door to me when I was a teenager! My Mum bought it for my daughter's first birthday present and I hope she will always treasure it. You can buy prints of this here if you are interested.

And finally I bought a little cream wire shelf from ebay earlier in the week, using up my ebay points from all the stuff we bought over Christmas. It's now the hallway - which is getting more prinky by the day! Alongside the mirror that was already there and the heart my brother in law gave me (erm I must add that I kind of forcibly told him this would be my Christmas present and that he would reimburse me, haha).

This is a close up of the home sweet home mirrored sign that you can see hanging from the top. For anyone observant yes this was taken before I changed the white ribbon for a pink one, I can't resist fiddling! Mum gave me this and I've seen them on other blogs before and much admired them so I was really pleased.

And here's the noticeboard I have right near the front door, if you look carefully there are quite a few bloggers' cards on there :)

On the projects front I really haven't done a lot. I remade a heart I got for Christmas from ebay (along with a matching table runner and cushion) to make it a nicer shape and change the plain white ribbon for red and white checked. Heehee, should have just made it myself in the first place!

We've just won a coffee table from ebay for only £10 which we'll collect at the weekend hopefully. It's just a tad vile at the moment but the shape is promising, I think it's 1950's, and I think once painted cream it will be really nice - of course I will show and tell once finished! We're hopefully going to redecorate the living room at long last soon and repaint the magnolia walls a bit lighter, it's a North facing room so I want to maximise what light there is but keep it cosy. I'm going to move my collection of little Helen Drewett embroideries from that room to the stairs and landing as I think they will have a lot more impact there, they seem a bit "lost" where they are at the moment. And I have something with a bit of an impact in mind to replace them, which I will keep to myself in case we change our minds!

By the way I must say hello and thank you to new followers! I really appreciate the comments and new friendly faces but I have to confess I am not fantastic at keeping up with everybody but please believe me that I am glad to have you aboard! And haven't forgotten that I will do a giveaway if I get to 200.

Have a lovely evening all, I am home with the girlies (who are both asleep) as my other half has gone to the pub and am having a quiet one with a couple of bottles of Orange WKD. My inner teenager is forever surfacing! Take care xxx

PS as it's been a while since I inflicted any blue icing pictures on you here is our latest cooking experiment from Saturday, TTFN!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Very Quick Message!

Sorry to all those who have left me messages asking if I am still alive ;)

Thank you so much for caring, everything is fine but things seem to have been really busy. I haven't done any crafting or even much shopping so there's not been much to report! Our pictures from Christmas day are not very good but the above is me in my much wanted Slanket that my lovely other half bought me (excuse the lack of makeup... if you can see the clock that was an hour after we first got woken!) and my girlies stuffing their faces with chocolate Santas!

Hope everyone is well and I will pop in on some more blogs soon and do some more posts. Just before Christmas I developed a mini obsession with red things with white spots so I may inflict some of those on you!!!

Happy New Year, love Mel xxx