Thursday, 30 April 2009

Pressies from lovely bloggers!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a parcel from Bex, it was my Pay It Forward gifts and they are lovely. I got a hand made card, gorgeous purse (just the type I like to use, I'm not good with anything with sections!) and a beautiful button bracelet too, which I've been wearing constantly. I am not the only fan of the bracelet, my newly two year old has kissed the rabbit shape button that does it up twice and likes saying "hop hop hop". I'm so pleased, thank you v much Bex. I am halfway through making my PIF's and I hope to get them all sent off by the end of the week.

Secondly Clare of Daisy Darling sent me this sweet little posy that arrived today, she saw it and thought of me, which is so sweet of her and i love it! At the moment it's keeping the mouse I got from Charlotte company because the purple of the pansy (one of my favourite flowers) matches the mouse's dress. It is so pretty, thank you very much Clare.

I feel quite bad because I've not put any creative stuff on my blog in weeks, you must be getting really bored! Hopefully with the PIF things and the freestyle swap coming up I will have more to show soon. In the meantime here are some biscuits that me and the girlies made yesterday. It all went a bit Pete Tong somewhere along the line and needed lots of extra flour to sort out the gloopy dough... we only have self raising left by that point so they came out all puffy and unrecognisable! They were tasty though and we even deviated from the usual blue icing and stuck to plain white.

I would kill for a takeaway tonight, it's been a month since we had one but what with little one's birthday this month and big one's next there's no spare cash. I keep fantasising about Chinese or pizza, I think I will have to great creative and try and make something similar! If anyone has any good recipes I would love to hear them.

I will do my tag and post about my shiney new award tomorrow, give me a poke if I forget!

Better go as little one is grabbing my arm and shouting "Get a drink!!" at me... see you soon xxx

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sorry I've not been around much, it was little one's birthday yesterday and I've been working a lot more than usual so not enough time for blogging unfortunately!

Yesterday went well, little one loved her presents and cards and she enjoyed her birthday tea with the family. The only thing I made myself were the sandwiches but it all seemed to go down well. We had a bit of trouble because of course big sis wanted to play with all the presents but she calmed down later on. We're having a joint party for them at a farm mid May because my eldest's birthday is on the 30th. I think they will both really enjoy that, they get a tractor ride and all sorts! Here are some pictures from yesterday...

Not much other news, we went to a boot sale on Sunday and mainly bought little toys for the kids. I did get one little posy for £1 but it has a lot of broken leaves and petals! Shouldn't have bought it really but I didn't want to come back empty handed. The girls and hubby had an ice lolly at the end so there were lots of sticky faces all round!

And this morning these two lovely embroidered clothes arrived from Liz at Rose & Bird, she is clearing out her pretty website at the moment and inviting offers on her items. I was lucky enough to get my offer accepted as these two were gorgeous! Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet but they are so pretty. And my little girls were delighted to discover two lollies in the package and snaffled them very quickly, so thank you very much Liz!

Now I think I had better get on with sorting out some lunch. It's a bit damp outside after all the rain yesterday but I'm hoping it will dry out a bit so they can play in the ball pool outside. They tried earlier but it was a bit soggy! Otherwise a trip to the park may be on the cards. Anything cheap as it's not payday til Thursday and it feels like it's been a very looooong month :-S

Have a great Tuesday xxx

Friday, 24 April 2009

Giveaway goodies

Look what I got today! I wasn't expecting anything to be on the doorstep when I got home so a little parcel was rather exciting. I opened it and quickly realised it was from Clare, who's giveaway I recently won and look what I got, all wrapped in some very pretty CK fabric...

My eldest has already spied the lettuce seeds and wants to plant them like NOW!

A beautiful card with a little bit of her lovely patchwork...

And the gorgeous embroidered heart, which I have put on the mirror in the hall...

The clever embroidered gift tag I've put round Gloria the duck's neck and it looks just right with her red and white gingham bow...

Thank you so much Clare, it was a wonderful parcel to come home to and I love it all :)

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday xxx

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy St George's Day!

I hope everyone is having a nice St George's Day, we are flying the flags from our bedroom windows at the front of the house, as you can see! I expect quite a few people have seen this as we get a lot of traffic past the front of the house. My eldest thinks it's wonderful!

And here is a lovely patriotic cup and saucer from the Coronation. So I now have two items of Coronation memorabilia, I think that counts as a mini collection, don't you? Which means I am allowed to get more when the occasion arises ;)

Thanks so much to everyone who left me messages about yesterday, it means a lot to know you've been thinking of us. I think if I'd been on my own in our normal routine it would have been horrible, especially as the weather is so similar and my eldest would have been at preschool like she was last year. But my hubby took me over to Mum's and the girls spent the day playing with about a million Happyland sets that Mum bought from a friend at work. My brother buried Mum's half of the ashes under a rosebush, which was a quiet moment, and Mum and I chatted about Dad, which was quite therapeutic for both of us I think. She misses him badly of course.

Then we walked over to the local Table Table restaurant for lunch. I was really impressed because they gave the girls each some coloured pencils and a little booklet with mazes and colouring in, there was even a little game with counters that you could make by pulling out perforated strips and folding them up so they stood up. The game was beyond them of course but they enjoyed the counters with little characters on! My eldest chose what they would eat, there was a lot better choice than you normally get for children. Did she have the usual chicken nuggets and chips? No. Fishfingers and chips? No. She chose Chicken Dinner - grilled chicken breast, mashed swede and carrot, roast potato, stuffing, peas, Yorkshire pud and a little jug of gravy! I was so surprised, and they both ate a lot. So that was a good distraction from the heavier parts of the day.

Today's been nice. My eldest practically ran into preschool as her best friend was there (yes, the one whose mother I fell out with...) and it was the first time she'd seen him since before the Easter break, and she had a really nice morning. Then home for lunch and both girls fell asleep because they got us all up early at 6.30 today (could have done with longer as I had a rare attack of insomnia and was awake from 4-6, delayed stress from yesterday I think). So they had a nap and then we had a quick lunch and then across the road to a friend's to play. The woman I fell out with was there amongst others but it was OK, not the same as before but we were outwardly fine with eachother. I'm not sure if the other two mums there noticed any atmosphere or not. My girls did me proud and behaved beautifully, whereas a certain person's son was a little bit naughty... Me? Gloating? Never! All the kids had a ball, they stayed outside a lot and then came in and played with a little pretend hairdryer and the girls put on a lot of blingy plastic jewellery.

Here are just a couple of shots from the flowerbeds today, I'm afraid I am limited to just these as there are too many weeds elsewhere! I love the combination of the purple aubrecia and the blue of the bluebells. And I think my moongazing hare looks pretty content this Spring too.

I'm working quite a bit the next few days - all day tomorrow and Saturday and then Monday morning. Mum is having the girls tomorrow, eek! I hope she copes alright. I feel a bit mean working on Monday because it's little one's birthday but I've said I'll only do until 12.00 which is when her sister is at preschool until anyway. So hopefully we'll do a few pressies - when I've bought some!!! - before work and then do something nice in the afternoon.

Take care everyone and I'll see you soon xxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Two new arrivals ;)

And fortunately not the screaming kind! Two new posies arrived from ebay this morning, they were only about £1 each plus the postage so I think they were worth it. I think I am going to have to rename this blog Posy Heaven (or possibly hell if you aren't a fan!!!).

My eldest went back to preschool yesterday and clung like a limpet but came out happy and had fun, so that was a big relief. The house seemed so quiet while she was out! Last night I cooked salmon, veg and noodle stir fry with a sauce and we ate it outside in the sun, which was lovely. My Mum in law gave us her big wooden table and chairs last year as it's too big for the garden in her current house but it's perfect for the patio here. The girls even ate the meal so that was a bonus, normally the more homemade it is the less likely they are to actually eat it.

Mum has just said she'll pay for the four of us to go away on holiday this year so we're looking at booking a cottage in Devon for a week, which is my idea of heaven. I would much prefer that to going abroad. Hopefully we'll be near Lyme Regis and the cottage I'm hoping to nab has got quite a bit of play equipment in the owner's garden next door, which the girls will love. Oh and it has a BBQ and as a woman I definitely shouldn't be allowed near that, what a shame ;)

Last night I watched a repeat of Country House Rescue and saw the most amazing house - Pentillie Castle in Cornwall. I do hope Channel Four don't mind me nabbing some pictures but it's just the most gorgeous place. I can't wait for it to be properly open to the public but at the moment it's licensed for weddings and the house can be hired and I think it would make the most stunning location. Shown below are a part of the gardens, a room inside the castle and the Victorian bathing house, which is lovely inside.

I've made one of my PIF gifts and have another in process so don't worry my PIF ladies, you haven't been forgotten!

I'm not sure if I will be about tomorrow or not, it's the first anniversary of Dad's death so we are spending the day with Mum but I might be around in the evening depending on how I feel.

Have a great Tuesday everyone xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Booty finds!

We got a few treasures today! After last week I was a bit worried but the usual sale was on form. We got some toys for the girlies (a remote control Dalek, some kind of electronic dog that has been named Robodog, a Spiderman figure and a Cyberman), which kept them happy going round. My husband got two books. I got the little china boot with three flowers for £1, the pink china roses in a basket for £1 and the little teapot for 50p. So I am a very happy bunny and I think this is the way the cabinet will stay now. Did you get any bargains today?

We also saw Mum and my brother there so they came back for a coffee, which was really nice. Harry is coming back for lunch because he wants to hide from Mum's friends who are going there for lunch (he's 27 but such a little brother still!) so I think we'll either be having toad in the hole or a barbecue as the weather's so nice.

Have a sunny Sunday xxx

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Lazy Saturday post **EDIT**

Morning! Do take a cake :)

Hope you all have sunshine wherever you are, here it is pretty good.

The last few days have gone fairly quickly (for the Easter holidays). I haven't got many pics but we've seen old friends, baked cakes and the girls have - mostly - played nicely. Yesterday mum in law had the girls for an hour so that me and the other half could go food shopping on our own, it was wonderful!!! They are such sweet girls really but supermarkets can turn some of the best kids into nightmares.

These are our superblue fairy cakes, which lasted less than a day but were v nice...

My eldest and I painted the cabinet, which has had three coats and could really do with another. The paint has also cracked in a lot of places, which is very annoying. I think it's taken longer to paint than some rooms do! I'm not wild about the colour either, but it was all we had enough of in the garage. It's fine for a little girl's room but I'm not sure about it for grown ups! I may well re-do it cream but only once the memories have faded ;)

Here I have filled it with little trinkets, I've only done it quickly for the photo, it won't stay where it is and I'll probably change most of the contents. The cat and the pinecone are borrowed from my daughters so will have to go back to their rooms, they have already noticed!

**EDIT** After reading Sian's comment I decided to have a go at distressing the cabinet! Being an enterprising type and knowing we had no sandpaper I used a nail file and actually it worked pretty well! I also stuck in some LA Rosalind to the back which I think pretties it up quite a bit too. What do you think? Big mistake or big improvement?!

I'm not sure what we're doing today. Hubby let me have a two hour lie-in, which was so nice. In return he's gone on a long bike ride. I'm not even dressed yet so I must sort that out! Tomorrow is the normal car boot so fingers crossed for some treasures.

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Thrifting success

Hi all!

My husband came home from work at 2.00 today because their IT systems were down (yay!) so we decided to pop into town with the girls. First we let them have a read and a run about in the library, which they loved.

We also picked up little one's two year Bookstart pack. If you've not heard about this scheme it's brilliant: in England and Scotland at one, two and three years old your child gets a voucher for a free pack with two full size books alongside some booklets for parents about how/where to read to your child plus crayons and a book for them to scribble or colour in. This time we got a pink nylon satchel with a lovely hardback book called Look Out! It's the Wolf! by Emile Jadoul and a colourful softback called A Dragon on the Doorstep by Stella Blackstone. Judging on previous packs these books will become new favourites, they are always very well chosen. The idea is to start children off loving books from early in life. I am lucky because both mine already do but I know I have been in some houses where you see NO books at all (which I find bizarre!) so at least it means they will have a chance to get into reading. Plus new books are so expensive so it's something to keep. 90% of our children's books are either from car boots or hand me downs but I don't have a problem with that :)

Anyway, after the library we did a quick trawl of most of the charity shops, my thinking being that I was going to track down a posy if it killed me! Well, unfortunately I didn't find a single one. But I did find one of those jewellery boxes that you wind up and a ballerina dances inside, it was only £2.65. I have always thought the tune they play sounds so sad (I think it's the Nutcracker, but I'm not sure). My eldest wanted it and it reminded me instantly of the one I had when I was about her age. She thinks it's magic of course and can't wait to show her friends!

Then I found this mini cupboard for £2.99. I hate the colour, it looks as if it's been painted with green fence stain! But I think once it's repainted, which will probably be in pale pink as that's the only colour tester pots I have right now, that it will be really pretty. I like that is has little drawers too. I'm not sure what to keep in it, I'm in two minds whether to use it for china or dress it like a miniature armoire with fabric in it. What do you think?

Well, I have one tiny daughter asleep in a chair and a husband asleep on a sofa so I think I will go and sit with my eldest. Hope you all have a lovely evening xxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Pay it forward...

For those who don't know, it goes like this - the first three people to leave a comment will receive a hand made gift from me! The only thing you have to do is participate and carry on the gift giving to three more soon as you have left a comment do a "pay it forward post" on your blog and continue the giving.

Don't forget to let me know how to get in contact with you so I can send you a gift. I've no idea what you will get yet but I found this on Bex's blog so I'm carrying it on :)

Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had a gorgeous tea at Mum's yesterday and had the scrummy cake above, which is about quarter of the size she normally makes but was lovely.

We went to a car boot sale today but only came back with one Dalek badge, three babies from the Sylvanian Families range and a toy till! Us grown ups got nothing. I was hoping for some more china posies. I did find one in the singular charity shop in the little town the boot sale was in (a totally different place to the one we usually go to on a Sunday) and they had one that was made to be a candlestick but at £4.99 I thought it was a bit pricey so left it there. I don't regret it so I can't have wanted it that much!

Looking forward to seeing who my first three commenters are... x

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend, we have a yummy tea planned tomorrow at Mum's house with her spectacular chocolate cake that I will try to get a picture of. And to anyone who puzzled over the multicoloured previous post that was courtesy of my eldest who single-handedly went onto Blogger, started a new post and typed it out, changing colours as she went! She's going to be such trouble when she's older ;)

Wishing you fun and chocolate, Mel xxx
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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A post about not a lot


Here is the solitary make I have managed over the last few days, I did it today while watching a film with hubby and the girls and they were surprisingly well behaved! I've filled it with dried rose petals as a change from lavender, it was harder to fill but I thought nice to have something different. This one isn't to keep so it will be stored away tonight. It was another embroidered handkerchief with lovely whitework embroidery, I love the little flowers.

I'm afraid the reason I have been so quiet is that not a lot has happened here in the last few days! I have sort of fallen out with a friend. I think it's silly and am trying to stay civil and not to rise to it but that's hard when someone you trusted criticises your child and parenting methods. Worst of all my daughter is upset. So I am going round with that tight sicky feeling in my tummy like you used to get when you didn't want to go to school, which is horrible.

Hopefully I'm meeting up with my friend who lives in Spain on Friday for lunch, which will be really nice, I could do with getting out of the house! Although I can't complain about the weather, it's been really nice here the last few days with just a few spots of rain in the evening. The garden needs a lot of work but things are growing, which is always hopeful!

My husband finishes work tomorrow lunchtime and is off until Tuesday, which will be great. He cooked us a gorgeous curry from scratch for dinner this evening and some flapjacks, mmm. He is proving very useful recently ;)

Hope you're all having a good week, I have seen lots of gorgeous Easter decorations and trees on so many of your blogs xxx

PS I know I have been given quite a few awards recently, I have added the pics to my sidebar but I'm so sorry I have lost track of who gave me which and have been rubbish about passing them on. If anyone doesn't have any of them then please consider yourself awarded and thank you so much to those who have given them to me x

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A lovely day out

This morning we got up early and went to two car boot sales. At the first one we mainly bought toys and books for the girls (we have a charming little Shrek, three teeny soft puppies, a lovely new baby book with flaps and a frog). And then it came time for Mummy's purchases! On the way out I found a china posy in a bowl for £1, and a tiny cockerel for 10p on the same stall, which I bought because my Mum used to collect them but if she doesn't want it I will happily keep it! At the second boot sale I stayed in the car with the girls while my husband went round because they'd had enough by that stage. I handed over my £5.75 and asked him to get any more posies he might see, not expecting a lot. Well... he came back shortly with the huge one above for £4, the single flower for £1 and the mini trough with the roses for 10p! So in a few days I seem to have got myself a collection, and well done hubby!!!

Later on we went over to Christchurch as we fancied a bit of seaside and after getting lost and going round in circles for goodness knows how long we decided to stop for lunch at the Harvester - we had passed it five times already so knew we would be going past again - and have a look at Google maps on one of our phones. We never normally set foot in one but actually I was quite impressed, they were very good with the girls and the food was all well cooked and arrived quickly. The girls had some colouring to do so they were perfectly content.

And then onto the beach! We went to Southbourne in the end, where we could see Bournemouth in the distance but it was mostly families. Little one kept running off and having to be caught but father and other daughter had fun building sandcastles and we all liked looking for shells and stones and having a dig around. Some people were actually sunbathing which I did think was a bit much for this time of year but we stayed happily clothed. Then we all had an icecream and then off home via Bournemouth. It was a great day and I hope the girlies will remember it for a long time to come.

Sorry I've not caught up with everyone else's posts in the last few days, it's been a bit busy but hopefully I'll get up to date by tonight :) Hope you have all had a lovely weekend too xxx