Thursday, 24 June 2010

Seeing the sights with Shabby Chick

Just some pics for you today that I've taken over the last week, I'll try to keep words to a minimum but I've been trying to capture some of the lovely things about where I live and what I see day to day.

These pictures are from a walk to Figsbury we went on as a family. It's so peaceful there, and free as well. It was a gorgeous day and yet there was only a handful of people there.

and a lavender I got for 50p from a table outside one of the farms on the drive out :)

Next the drive home through town. First some lovely old houses on St Anns Street, I love the mossy uneven roof. One of my grandmas was actually born in a house in this road in 1917.

Then we see The White Hart Hotel in Exeter Street. Where you see those pillars there is a first floor balcony and by three hundred year old tradition when the local MP gets elected they have to sing a song apparently about turnip beetles from it. I've never been and watched myself.

Then past Russell & Bromley, where we get the kids shoes. I really like the old sash windows. 

This is above Barclays Bank but I think it's actually part of a hotel/pub called The Kings Head Inn (formerly The County Hotel, as it was known up until the 90's I think).

This is Salisbury clock tower in Fisherton Street, which was built in 1892 by a doctor as a memorial to his wife. It was built on the site of  the old jail apparently.

And just a short way further down the street we have the old Infirmary, built in 1766, which I can remember as a really horrible place that my Grandad went when he had a stroke. It used to be Salisbury's main hospital but nowadays is called Pembroke House and private sheltered flats for older people... they are always complaining about the noise... it's the city centre... you can guess what I think about that ;) It's a great building anyway, the crenellation type arrangement is pretty cool.

Lastly in our trip through town we've got the top parts of Lloyds TSB, another building that I really like.

Then finally we have a picture of a pretty garden I took on the way home from school this morning, I love the hollyhocks (or whatever!!!).

I love living in Salisbury, I feel so lucky to live here and hopefully I've shown that there's more to it than just the Cathedral and Stonehenge, which is all that usually gets mentioned. If you visit you wish to pop in here....

Have a thoroughly lovely Thursday, whether you are hiding from the heat indoors like me heehee or enjoying the sun outside xxx


topchelseagirl said...

Thanks for the tour. There are some lovely buildings around aren't there? Those flowers are foxgloves.

CraftySmiles said...

Hello. That looks like a very nice place to be. And lucky you Lavender for 0.50p-i would bought 10 right away,can't help it i love lavender : )
Wishing a great week

Lululiz said...

Loved your guided tour, so many pretty buildings.

Tanada said...

You live in a lovely place full of beauty and history!!! I'm just a little jealous:-) Thank you for your post about my cakes. Yep it's a pic of me, I don't like posting them but every once in while I get brave.

sharie said...

Lovely photos!
and yes I'd have bought the lavender too, I'm going to buy several pot fulls next time I see any on sale for a new project I have in mind.

Elizabeths Attic said...

What a lovly place to live, you are so lucky and as with everyone else I would have bought the lavender but unfortunately it would have died as for some reason I cannot keep lavender in my garden it just does not flurish, perhaps its the soil or something.
Beverley x said...

I loved travelling with you with you lovely pics! Suzie xx