Friday, 14 May 2010

Seeing spots and tops for girlypops!

Thanks to everyone who has entered the giveaway so far, if you haven't yet please do leave a comment on the previous post and you're in! I forgot to say yesterday that you don't have to be a follower to enter, despite the confusing title. Didn't really think this through did I?!

I promised to show what I've been making lately and that's what's contained in this spotty dog parcel! This is a birthday present for my eldest's best friend, whose fifth birthday party is on Sunday. She loves dalmatians so I've got a bit over-ly spot mad I'm afraid!!!

We have a dalmatian inspired faux fur cushion with black buttons for spots (the fabric was given to me by M-I-L). I made the heart first in a mixture of embroidery, buttons, fabric and ribbon and then did all the sewing onto the fur. Gahhhh I hate that stuff! When it wasn't shedding everywhere it was just a bugger to work with, never again! The back of the cushion is also red like the edge of the heart.

This is the obligatory matching heart! My daughter loves the clear bead, I have to say I am partial to a bit of bling myself so I have to agree ;)

So here it all is, pre wrapping. The card barks when you open it, much to the fascination of my kids! I think Summer's parents may be a teeny bit annoyed about that one ;)

Moving on I have to show you Mary's lovely work from her shop side of things - Polka Dots and Posies. I got this gorgeous little bundle earlier in the week.

Feel free to be jealous of this lovely stationery set she sent me, the girls have already nabbed half the stickers but the rest are mine, all mine!!! She is a naughty. The cupcake card is so sweet, that's up on the mantelpiece.

This is my eldest wearing her top, I chose the fabrics from Mary's lovely selection, choosing blue ones as that's her favourite colour. Beautifully modelled with her skinny jeans I hope you'll agree!!! Little one's has a 'C' as well (both their names start with C) but in a deep pink CK print with a pink polka dot heart. Just as nice but unfortunately due to potty training she is mostly running around half dressed and when I tried to take a snap she wanted to me to photograph her little peachy bum instead, which I didn't think was all that appropriate!!! Thank you so much Mary, we are all delighted :)

In other news M-I-L is speaking to us again... and I can grudgingly admit she did actually help with getting little one to use the potty for the first time (ouch, that hurts to say heehee). And it was our 9th wedding anniversary on Wednesday and we went out for a tapas dinner. Mmmm that was gorgeous, I think I'm a convert!

The next make on my list is an octopus cushion for my soon-to-be five year old. She wants an octopus and a rainbow included apparently! I have a few ideas up my sleeve, I haven't made anything for the girls for ages so I want it to be special. Just ordered a few fabrics off ebay -oooopppsssss! - and there are some I will be using in the design somewhere.

Bye for now, hope you all have a wonderful weekend xxx


Pixiedust said...

Love the dalmation cushion what a great idea I'm sure your littleones BFF will be chuffed with it. Lovely parcels from Mary. Have a good weekend. xxx Pixie xxx

Pennyblossoms said...

Spotty-licious! I've realised I wasn't following you as such. Before I knew how to I just had the 'reading list' and now I keep finding people that I haven't changed to following. Daft so-and-so. Glad you're in calmer waters with your MIL. My mum was awful to Mr B, up until the last few months she was alive. But 4 years on and it still niggles me! A belated happy wedding anniversary-good on you both! Have a fab W/E,
Z xx

Jemm said...

I love the cushion and heart! What a great idea to make something for the birthday that they are really into. My daughter has a friend's party coming up....hmmmm.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahh sweet goodies & how cute is your girly!
Happy Anniversary to you both ~ mmmmmmm I do love tapas!
Have a lovely weekend

Little Brown Rabbit said...

lots of lovely things to see again- thanks for sharing :)

I'm very well thanks- hope u r too?

Em x

Josie-Mary said...

I love that cushion :) x

Taz said...

Birthday girl is going to love her pressies :)

And a lovely parcel from Mary. said...

What a little cutie! The heart is gorgeous! Glad to hear that you MIL is speaking again! Have a lovely week! suzie xx

Florence and Mary said...

I can't wait to see the octopus cushion!

Victoria x

witchwoopiggy said...

I love the spotty pillow, and the heart, thank you for shareing :) and im looking forward to seeing the next project, enjoy your weekend :)