Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ahhh it's almost all finished!

Thank you for the replies yesterday about the room decoration, in the end I went for Ivory Cream and am really happy with the result. It's a lot brighter and I have my new piece of artwork for above the sofa, Mum has bought it for me for my birthday but is being lovely and not making me wait until July to have it! I will show you pictures of everything next time once I've done the final touches and you can have a look.

Here is just a peek at how dingy the old colour looked compared to the new (the old is in the middle in case you can't tell!)....

To the, ahem, charming anonymous poster who left a comment on the previous post I would have a lot more respect for you if you weren't too afraid to say who you are! I could say so much but instead will just point out that it was a light-hearted post and it's MY blog and I'll say or ask what I like thanks. If you don't like what you see then please don't read it!

Onto more pleasant things, we just had my Mum and brother over for tea, which was lovely. It would have been my Dad's 63rd birthday today so I wanted to mark the day in a nice happy way. Cue more red spot overload! I would love to say that I baked the cakes myself but what with a start of the month food shop and getting the furniture back in the living room I just didn't have time. I still miss my Dad every day but I'm very happy to say that I didn't dread today in the same was as I did last year and there have been lots of smiles and happy memories :)

Hope you've all had a great weekend and wishing you a nice week ahead xxx


Pixiedust said...

Hi Hunni, As you can guess I skipped over to read what anon had said in your last post, curiosity got me. What a cheeky ******. If you want to ask your blogging friends opinion, that's up to you. If they don't like it, tough. They must be a very shallow, jealous and lonely person.....The paint colour looks lovely by the way. I'm glad your dads birthday wasn't so hard for you this year, time is, as they say, a great healer. ((((hugs)))) Pixie xxx

Floss said...

Lovely walls and what a great table! It's lovely that you could mark this day happily.

Lajoni said...

Hi...I too get posts from 'Anonymous' nothing nasty just very wierd, but I still delte them.

Love the colour and look forward to all your piccies...I haven't been blooging or visiting blogs in what seems like a very very long while, its just finding the time as once you start it takes some dragging away from lol

Your table looks lovely and am so so happy it was a day you could look back on memories happily with your family...
My father died 16 yrs ago, occasionally a tear is still shed but more often there are giggles and stories shared.
Stay safe xxx

Lucy said...

Hi Mel,
The colour looks delicious- very well chosen! I am so glad that the day was okay for you- lots of happy memories and the cake looked yum. Just ignore the comments from the unwanted source- just not worth it. Have a good week.
X Lucy

MelMel said...

Looking good hunni.....

The shelf is a delight...I enjoy your blog loads....and chatting to you on FB...xxxx

VintageVicki said...

What a lovely tribute to your Dad :) and the painting looks good too.

Ignore the silly Anonomous person - another keyboard warrior *rolls eyes*.

Lavender hearts said...

That is hilarious that comment! LOL. Touch of Victor Meldrew methinks!

Can't wait to see it all finished.

Florence and Mary said...

Alot of us bloggers have been painting this weekend... my poor thumbs are so sore!

Victoria xx

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hope you had a lovely time with your family, I'm sure your dad was with you!x
The room is looking great, I like the colour you chose!
That's my dilema about the noise but like lesely mentioned don't have the washing machine on when people are over which means ill have toi get organised lol xx

Victoria Plum said...

Lovely choice of colour! Nothing like a new lick of paint to completely transform a room!

I popped back to your previous post to have a look at the anon comment ... I wonder why people feel the need to do that? I've had a couple of wierd anon comments ... I always delete them!


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi Mel,

Its all looking lovely! Glad you are happy with the colour. Its a tough one isnt it what to choose colour wise for your home. But I am loving the look of yours.

Glad everything went ok, for your Dads birthday. Its nice that there was laughter and good memories.

I had look at the anon comment as I was curious. Some people really do like dragging their hate and comtempt about in this world. I would delete it.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog post. Mucho snivel was sniffed whilst writing that. Funny how some songs can still get to you.

Look forward to seeing the finished living room.


Jenny said...

Love the red dotted table. Actually I totally love it. That could be interpretted well in any color. Like the paint color you choose. It is warm and bright.

Taz said...

I must be doing something wrong with my comments lately, I posted you one yesterday but it's not there :( That's happened on a couple of other blogs too I'm obviously losing the plot.

As for the anon poster - blowing big raspberries at them.

I'm glad you had a good day for your Dad's birthday. I like to mark the day for my Dad's birthday too, the first couple of years I found it really hard to do but now I like to create that memory with the smalls. (((((you)))))

Colour looks great btw x

Sal said...

I bet your room looks great with all your little touches.
You chose the right colour and I thought it a good idea to ask for opinions! I mean, that's what friends do,isn't it?
Hope you had a good time with your family,thinking about the happy times with your lovely dad.


Lydia said...

OMG How rude? & How spineless???

Think the paint looks fab & fresh. You just carry on doing your posts as you do...

Love Lydia xx

Sarah said...

Hi Mel
It all looks fab! I'm always pooped after decorating - never a favourite thing to do of mine, but love the results!
I'm glad the tea went well for you.

Isobel said...

The new colour looks great! And I see no harm in asking around what colour looks better.
Can't wait until you reveal the work all done.

myvintageparty said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see the finished room in all its glory!
Your tea looks yummy, making me hungry now!
As for the anonymous poster, charming indeed. Some people have too much time on their hands!! said...

Hello! What a gorgeous blog you have! Thank you so much for visiting me over at mine! Love your makeover, it is fab! suzie xxx

tea and cake said...

hahahaha! what a twit that anonymous is, eh?

Your makeover is lovely and, I love your blog, too. Keep it up. Karen xx

A Time to Dance said...

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Pea Green Kitty said...

The room looks fab!
I hope you are able to ignore the pathetic post from 'anonymous'. We all enjoy reading your blog and thats all that counts!!
Chin up!

Kelly said...

Well that looks gorgeous! I love the flooring xxx