Sunday, 11 January 2009

A little kitchen spring clean

The little kitchen in question belongs to my eldest! We spent over an hour cleaning it, washing up all the bits and rearranging it, and I think it looks really cute now. The two units are wooden and fit in the fireplace in our kitchen (which is most certainly earmarked for a range cooker one day *sigh*). I think it looks sweet, how about you? It's getting quite battered after two years, especially around the taps, but I like it that way and I hope my grandchildren will play with it one day. I especially like the curtain across the little cupboard and that my little girl goes all hostess on me sometimes... hearing "would you like some tea my dear?" from a three year old is quite disconcerting!

We went to Mum's today for lunch and had lovely roast chicken then Christmas pudding after (it was a good one she got on sale) along with some Sangria (also on sale!). She gave me the newest 25 Beautiful Homes and a Pilgrim bracelet to match the necklace I got for Christmas. The girls got some dresses with pretty retro prints on, lucky things.

There is a horrible smell in the air in this part of town today, I think the wind's blowing in an odd direction as it smells just like pig poo. Yuck. This reminds of why although I love country style I could never actually live there! We've had quite a few candles burning to get rid of the pong including a Yankee rose tea light in the cute little house below.

My husband was in an oddly generous mood today. We went to Tesco and he bought the girls each a present - little one got an In The Night Garden character to add to her collection and my eldest got the Dr Who set below. I think the little tiny figures (Adipose) are sooo cute. I'm in love with the real David Tennant but this model does not do him any justice! He bought me the pretty CK/Tesco ottoman rose bag, so that's now hanging on the hall peg rail holding all the scarves, gloves and hats. I think the lovely colours really cheer me up.

Sorry for the excessive amount of pictures today, I think there are more pictures than there are words! Tonight I think we'll either watch Hot Fuzz or a bit of The Mighty Boosh as we've started watching them from the beginning, very funny and surreal. Have a nice evening all xxx


bexsbuttons said...

surprise presents are great! the braclet looks good. i have a CK tesco bag but mine is stripy i think i might get a flowery one!!

Gem said...

That's a very cute little kitchen :) I remember when me and my sister were little she had an a la carte kitchen set which I used to play with for hours (my sister was a tomboy - don't really know why my mam and dad bought her that!)

I'm in a spring cleaning mood today too - must be something in the air...although where I live we get funny smells all the time. I suppose that is one of the drawbacks of living near a loads of farms!!!

Rosesposes said...

Hi Mel
Thats such a lovely kitchen and the knitted foodie items are gorgeous. I want a toy kitchen too!
Love the lantern and that bracelet is lovely. Glad you have a gorgeous tesco bag they are so nice.
Nice to see you in your picture, you are a yummy mummy.
x Dominique
ps sounds like you had a lovely day too

MelMel said...

I love David......Sorry too....but D.T....oh my....I'd travel in his Tardis any day!:>)

lou said...

Hiya, my boys had a kitchen, they would spend hours playing with it, not too sure if they would like me sharing that though!
I love the pilgrim jewelry; my mum normally buys it for me!
Anyway best get my ass into gear and get some ironing done…. Love Lou xxx

bekimarie said...

What a lovely photo, so nice to see who you're talking to.
I agree with Dominique, very yummy mummy.
Love the kitchen, want one in blue for J!
Where did you get the bright coloured tea set? Been trying to get one for J and can only find them in pinks. Beginning to think boys aren't meant to have them.
Take care
Big hugs
Beki xxx

Hubby said...

I don't know what David Tennant's got that I haven't... apart from a Sonic Screwdriver obviously...

Glad you liked your pressie sweetie. xx

Andrea said...

Photos are good!!! ARGH!! A Hubby that leaves a comment...this a first isn't it??!!! x

Taz said...

What a cutey pie kitchen. I wish mine looked that good.
And I have now to go search down those wee Adipose characters, definately not seen them up here and wee one is a big Dr Who fan.

Hollypop's said...

What a lovely little kitchen. Love the little knitted cakes etc -soooo cute. Lucky you, you have had some lovely pressies, like the CK bag - very pretty.
I know what you mean, I've tried and I've got too many chins or too many wrinkles so will stick with the bears for now!!!
Have a good day.. Nickyx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Ive just got the blue ottoman flowery CK bag as well - completes my collection now except for the xmas one which I didnt like! love the kitchen I would come and play if I could !! the little knitted foody stuff is fab! oh and feel sorry for me as I live on a farm although its a non working one but every direction around me is a farm and it can get very smelly....................
Lesley x

thriftymrs said...

Ooh you have similar taste in comedy as me. I lurve anything with Pegg and Frost in it, so much so that we actually went to the cinema to see Hot Fuzz during our honeymoon. As for The Mighty Boosh, I have an addiction. Went to their festival in the summer and to see them a few times in the winter. Love them. Oh and my husband looks like Howard Moon.

Tanada said...

That kitchen is adorable. I have wanted one for my girls forever. I think I am more into my girls toys than they are. I keep making little outfits for their baby dolls. I don't know if they even like them, but it is sure fun. Looks like your girls are really lucky to have such cute things to play with.

Simone said...

The little kitchen is very sweet. I would have loved one of those when I was small. Now I am older (a lot older) I would prefer the beautiful pilgrim bracelet. The little Dr Who characters are cute thingys!

fiftiesgirl said...

That kitchen is gorgeous. So sweet. x

bekimarie said...

Hi stalker lol,
I did laugh when I read your comment because when I get excited and say i've got 21 followers, Rich says 'stalkers more like' (he really can't understand my obsession with blogging). I think to myself, I must be a really bad stalker then because i'm following so many.
Will email you later when I work out how to enlarge photos but from what I can see they're both lovely.
Take care
Big hugs
Beki xxx

Sal said...

Love the kitchen!! Looks pretty easy to clean too;-)
BTW ....Where does one buy these sonic screwdrivers ?;-)

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Thankyou so much for your lovely comment, I'm sorry for your loss too, just take one day at a time and always chat about him and too him, I'm always talking out loud to my mum, not in public of course, would look very!!
I love the kitchen, anything girly grabs my attention, all of our boys had a thing for toy pushchairs when they were little!! Closest thing we got to girls toys in our household!
I love your pic by the way, your hair is beautiful and and you look very pretty!
Take care....Claire
ps I love your hubbies comment! Brill xx

Things Hand Made said...

Lovely bracelet, and I adore the knitted cakes!

bekimarie said...

Just read your comment on Debbies English Treasures... Hilarious!
Big hugs
Beki xxx

Taz said...

And the award goes to....yes that's right you! Pop over and pick it up petal ;)

50sgal said...

Just found your blog and I love it. That is a darling bracelet and I love your daughters littel kitchenette.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Your eldests pink kitchen is in better shape than mine just now. I live in the country and yes there are some smells I would rather not have during the summer when the windows are open and theres a down wind!, but I know when Im home when I can smell the coal from the chimneys as I drive through the village. I bought the Mighty Boosch for my husband for xmas. He loves it but I kinda dont get it (although I like the talking moon!!!) LOL!

sarah @ a beachcottage said...

my mum bought the Tesco stripey bag and has just given it to me, I love it, only wish I could get Cath stuff in Aus

love the little kitchen


Slice of life said...

I would have loved to have a kitchen like that as a child. Most impressed with the colemans mustard tin as a utensils pot/tidy. Recycling at its best.

Arent the adipose the fat magnet people?

I would have loved the bracelet as well. And great choice in the 23 beautiful homes. I am sure it is the best one out there.

It smells here as well sometimes! Muck spreading. ewwww

Slice of life said...

Awwww and Hubby left you a message. You should get him to give seminars on buying great gifts! LOL